3 Meal Kits to Fit Your Diet: For Those Weeks When You Just Can’t Meal Prep

By Sage Brinney - 01/04/18
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You know what the worst thing about meal prep is? Everything.

It’s so rewarding to be in total control of your diet and to ensure that, with proper planning, you’ll always have healthy food within reach, no matter how busy you are.

Two of the services listed below send everything you need to make healthy, restaurant-quality meals at home. The third sends fresh, chef-prepared food every week. And all three allow you to cancel at any time, so there’s no commitment.

Because sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting.

For Carb/Calorie-Conscious: Try Home Chef

Home Chef is big on quality ingredients and simple recipes that pack a punch. Their menu features a lot of lean proteins and vegetables - unlike some other services which try to save on food costs by going heavy on carbs, potatoes and other filler ingredients

Home Chef’s menu is also designed for maximum flexibility. Every week they offer about a dozen different choices on their standard menu, and then tweak the ingredients and recipes for foodies with specific tastes or dietary preferences.

With other services, the “special” menus can seem kind of sparse. Because of Home Chef’s menu design, they’re able to offer more options than the other guys for anything from low calorie and vegetarian to dairy and nut-free.

With Home Chef, you really feel like you’re getting a well rounded menu with lots of ingredients that are healthy, fun to cook with and tasty too.

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Home Chef's menu features a lot of lean proteins. The menu uses special icons to indicate which entrees are calorie/carb-concious.

For Vegetarians: Try Hello Fresh

Plus, their meals are creative - which is something vegetarians will appreciate.

It’s hard to get definitive stats, but as many as 6% of Americans are vegetarians, with many more keeping a mostly veg diet - whether that’s participating in meatless mondays, or just consuming less meat.

So it’s still shocking that many meal services aren’t doubling down on veggie dishes, to win over this market.

HelloFresh, however, is a company that got the memo. They have a unique vegetarian menu, with meals that don’t seem like afterthoughts (no pastas or pizzas here…) but like well crafted meals, designed to surprise and satisfy.

I tried the Veggie Chorizo Tacos and Patata Bravas with Crispy Artichokes and was really impressed that after ten years of cooking vegetarian food and frying up tofu every way possible, Hello Fresh was able to give me something new and different.

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HelloFresh's vegetarian options go beyond the standard fare. (Above) Before and after photos of my Veggie Chorizo Tacos

For the Paleo Diet: Try Freshly

The basic premise of the Paleo Diet is - If a caveman didn’t eat it, neither should you. So meats, fish, nuts, veggies and fruits are a GO. Refined sugar, processed food, dairy and anything else our neanderthal ancestors weren’t exposed to is a big NO.

Freshly is perfect for this diet. The service is the epitome of hassle-free meal planning. Meals are delivered fresh every week, and all you need to do is microwave and eat.

Their menu is also really easy and intuitive to use and allows you to filter for what you DON’T want to eat - dairy or soy. And under each entree, it very clearly indicates all of the Paleo-friendly specifics you’d want to know at a glance (they use cute symbols like a bicep for “high protein” or a piece of wonder bread for “low carb”).

Their menu cards also have nutritional facts and a thorough ingredients list - so you know exactly what’s going into your body. Plus, Freshly meals are free of gluten, wheat, refined sugars, peanuts, artificial colors & artificial flavors. And one last thing - It’s not too pricey either! If you order 6 meals/week, each meal comes out to $9.99.

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Freshly offers ready-to-eat meals that fit well with a Paleo lifestlyle. The menu includes a lot of high protein and dairy-free dishes.

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