Choose the Best Meal Plans for Kids in 2020

Get rid of heart-pounding, headache-inducing weeknight dinner prep once and for all

with meal delivery options for working families with hungry kids.

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How Do Meal Kits Work? 

Meal kits let you spend more time at the dinner table and less time in the kitchen. With a variety of companies and subscription plans from which to choose, people with all tastes and dietary needs can find delicious, low-maintenance kits that they can order straight to their door. Meal kits come with all the components of the meal as well as instructions for simple prep work. They allow customers to eat tasty, chef-created entrees without having to cook themselves. 

Kids Meal Kits

Raising kids is hard enough without having to cook for them too. Maybe that’s why kid-friendly meal kits are so appealing—they offer a healthy alternative to TV dinners or fast food restaurants, but they still bring families together around the dinner table. While there are some meal delivery services that cater strictly to kids, many others offer separate kid-friendly menus as well as appetizers, sides, and desserts for the whole family. 

Kid-friendly meal kits pack healthy ingredients into accessible, delicious dinners—think multigrain mac-n-cheese and veggie pockets. They take the stress off of parents who want their children to eat well but may not have time for daily trips to the farmers' market. Like other meal kits, those tailored to kids and families require minimal prep time. The low-maintenance aspect is of course a huge time-saver, but there’s another, unexpected benefit: since the instructions are easy to follow and require no advanced cooking skills, parents can ask their kids to chip in. Mom can assign mixing or peeling to the kids to get them involved and excited about dinner. 

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